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As an interpreter and translator, I see myself as a mouthpiece and mediator between worlds.  My ambition is to comprehensibly and correctly transmit your voice and your requests in a way that people from another culture can understand in their »language«.

As a seminar leader and coach, I see myself as a catalyst for development  processes and personal growth.


As a translator, of for example medical texts, I see my main task as transferring content and target-language adequately, so that the concerns and statements of my clients are also apparent in the translation.

I place great importance on sharing ideas with my clients. Only then can particular needs in terms of style, terminology and lay-out etc. be addressed correctly whilst making a translation.


As an interpreter, I help people who do not or barely understand the language of the speaker, to convey beliefs and insights that integrally and effectively enrich their lives.

Especially with the psychological seminars on »trauma therapy«, which I often interpret, very personal issues and concerns from the participants are regularly discussed. Then it is my nonverbal and human empathy that is particularly important.


The intercultural seminars and coaching build on your strengths and abilities. In my hierarchy of values, an attentive treatment of my fellow man and myself are at the top.

In the seminars, you will encounter challenges on physical, mental, social or emotional levels, in exactly the right dose. Head-directed learning takes a backstep to the learning experience. In addition to the learning effect, fun and happiness are also a priority in the seminars. I will encourage you to overcome internal barriers. At the same time, the participation in the various exercises is always voluntary.

As a seminar leader, I give the space so that you can develop your individual skills and only intervene when it is advisable for the learning process. This allows a degree of self-control within the group, however also gives the framework for an attentive and group-oriented  interaction.


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