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An excellent university degree, many years of experience in freelancing, regular visits to Spanish- and English-speaking countries, close contact with my areas of expertise and ongoing vocational training are the foundations of my professional work.

During my Translation studies, I gained the necessary understanding of linguistics, translation theory and a good knowledge of technical language and regional studies. Having been in business for twenty years it may be rightly said that I have passed the »acid test« of free enterprise.

Thanks to my regular trips abroad, I am always up-to-date with the latest language and cultural developments.

I not only have a professional involvement but also a personal interest in my areas of expertise medicine, psychology and spirituality. For this reason, I dedicate a lot of time to the theoretical and practical study of these subjects.

Regular exchange with other experts and colleagues satisfies my thirst for knowledge and being a member of Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer e. V., my professional association, helps to keep me informed of the developments relevant to my profession.


Katja Dienemann as an Interpreter

Voices of Seminar Participants

»I have heard many intepreters on seminars, but you surpass all of them.!«
»It is real fun, listening to you!«
»You seem to have a special gift for interpreting.«
»I admire your charisma and serenity, as you stand up there on stage.«
»You have a very pleasant voice. This kind of intonation is an art in itself.«
»You do a great job - your gestures, your friendliness and modesty are very enjoyable.«
»Fantastic - great job!«

Katja Dienemann as a Translator

»Sorry, I forgot to tell you - in my call to the client last week she said her German affiliate commented that the translations were 'the best she had ever seen' and was very impressed / happy with them.« (British Healthcare Market Research Agency)

»I am very pleased to say that the German affiliates were very happy with the translation and wanted to know if we could share the name of the translator / translation agency with them?« (British Healthcare Market Research Agency)

»Great job - very precise and knowledgeable translation. Thanks a lot!« (Th.J., German Healthcare Market Research Agency)

»Thanks a lot, Ms Frau Dienemann! You did a great job again. I wish, everybody would work as conscientiously as you!!« (L.H., German Healthcare Market Research Agency)