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What trainers & facilitators, I have interpreted for, say about me:

»I want to thank you again for doing such a great job of translating my workshop and for being such a pleasure to work with. I appreciate so much how hard it is to translate, but you made it look easy! Thanks for everything.«
Michael Yapko, Workshop »Expanding Your Skills in Applying Hypnosis Strategically« (2016)

»I want to thank you again for your hard work in making the workshop a success. Your skills are amazing! I will certainly let people know your interest in doing more translations. You were a pleasure to work with.«
Michael Yapko, Workshop »Hypnotherapie in der Depressionsbehandlung« (2014)

»Honestly, I don't know how it would have been nearly as good without your ability and your spirit.  Working with you was one of highlights of my professional career.  I find it hard to wait until October to get to do that again.«
Graham Maxey, Seminar »IDAC - Induced After Death Communication - erlösende Versöhnung mit schmerzlichen Verlusten und Traumata«

What participants said about me interpreting the American Phillip Scott on his key note speach and workshop »Ancestral Voice - Indigene Weisheit traditioneller Heilmethoden in der modernen Welt« plus the Open Healer Panel (English - German - English):

»It was really enlightening watching you work. You have a gift for translation amongst your various other talents!«

What participants said about me interpreting the American author Howard Martin - »The HeartMath Solution« (English - German - English):

»I have heard many intepreters on seminars, but you surpass them all.«
»It is real fun, listening to you!«
»You seem to have a special gift for interpreting.«
»I admire your charisma and serenity, as you stand up there on stage.«
»You have a very pleasant voice. This kind of intonation is an art in itself.«
»You do a great job - your gestures, your friendliness and modesty are very enjoyable.«
»Fantastic - great job!«

What a participant said about me interpreting the American IADC® therapist Graham Maxey during the seminar »IDAC - Induced After Death Communication - erlösende Versöhnung mit schmerzlichen Verlusten und Traumata« (English - German - English):

»Dear Katja 
I would like to thank you again for your wonderful way of translating!...your art of serving while interpreting was so so natural and absolutely delightful to watch and listen....as if you where a mere medium....despite or maybe just because of keeping to the background, you shined like a star next to Graham!!! ....wow, how I loved that..... and I think, I was not the only one, who was so delighted with you!
thanks again!«
Psychologische Psychotherapeutin (psychological psychotherapist)

What a client said about me interpreting the Peruvian Shaman Viejo Agustin Rivas during his lecture »Healing and Transformation from the Point of View of a Peruvian Shaman« (Spanish - German- Spanish):

»Ms Dienemann did a very competent job as an interpreter. She had prepared thoroughly for the event (for which no script was available) by reading the relevant literature and by contacting the speaker and the organisers beforehand. Her outstanding linguistic competence, her medical translation expertise and her rapid grasp of the material presented all played an important role in the quality of her interpreting. In addition she was excellent at communicating the content of the lecture in a way that made it comprehensible to those from a different cultural sphere. She related well to both speaker and audience, with a manner that was both calm and friendly.

Ms Dienemann’s interpreting contributed significantly to the success of the event - a lecture with a full house of around 120 participants.

We look forward to engaging Ms Dienemann for future events which require an interpreter.« MD György Irmey

Medical Translations (English - German)

»Sorry, I forgot to tell you - in my call to the client last week she said her German affiliate commented that the translations were 'the best she had ever seen' and was very impressed / happy with them. Thank you and well done! So thank you so much, it really does help a great deal when the affiliates are happy - it is really important for our client relations!« J.

»I am very pleased to say that the German affiliates were very happy with the translation and wanted to know if we could share the name of the translator / translation agency with them?«

»We have had an email from the client company who sponsored the xx research praising the quality of the translations of the materials and I wanted to pass this on to you with a thank you and regards on this issue.
Could you, by any chance, provide us with the name of the translator for this study? And if so, would you allow us to pass the name on to the client company...?

»Great job - very precise and knowledgeable translation. Thanks a lot!« Th.J.

»Thank you so much - That's perfect! In terms of the possible mistakes in the English original you highlighted red - you are absolutely right. They are mistakes and your interpretation of the corrections is spot on - so thank you.«»Thanks a lot, Ms Frau Dienemann! You did a great job again; quick, very clear and comprehensible. I wish, everybody would work as conscientiously as you!!« L.H.


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