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Please note: As the interpreting and my work as a coach & trainer ( is absolutely fulfilling professionally, I am now only taking on translations connected to interpreting jobs and in individual cases. Feel free to contact me, if you have a special project.

If I take on a translation job, the following is still valid 100%:


In my office your text is in good hands and heads! Appoint me to carry out your translation work if high quality, experience and reliability are important to you. Being an academically trained language professional, I do not only bridge languages but also cultures. Therefore I deliver texts which do not »sound translated«.


Have a look at the Testimonials to see what my clients say about me.


»Sorry, I forgot to tell you - in my call to the client last week she said her German affiliate commented that the translations were 'the best she had ever seen' and was very impressed / happy with them. Thank you and well done! So thank you so much, it really does help a great deal when the affiliates are happy - it is really important for our client relations!« J.

»I am very pleased to say that the German affiliates were very happy with the translation and wanted to know if we could share the name of the translator / translation agency with them?«

»Thank you so much - That's perfect! In terms of the possible mistakes in the English original you highlighted red - you are absolutely right. They are mistakes and your interpretation of the corrections is spot on - so thank you.«