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At a Glance

There are many reasons to engage a professional interpreter as a language and culture mediator.

I am the right person for you, if you are looking for a professional and sensitive interpreter for medical, psychological and spiritual events (e.g. seminars, trainings, conferences, lectures, treatment & therapy sessions, interviews, group discussions).

When interpreting I hear and feel the message of the speaker, get in sync with him/her and with the audience, so that my interpreting contributes to a good flow and rapport between speaker, audience and languages. That way the events become very intense and touch the participants in their heart and brain.

Thorough preparation (reading the books, seminar scripts and presentations of the speakers in both languages, listening to audio files and preparing terminology lists) are a must to me.

What participants say about me interpreting

»I have heard many intepreters on seminars, but you surpass all of them.!«
»It is real fun, listening to you!«
»You seem to have a special gift for interpreting.«
»I admire your charisma and serenity, as you stand up there on stage.«
»You have a very pleasant voice. This kind of intonation is an art in itself.«
»You do a great job - your gestures, your friendliness and modesty are very enjoyable.«
»Fantastic - great job!«