Intercultural Seminars


Katja Dienemann offers cross-cultural seminars for a variety of target groups - from teams of global companies to international students and voluntaries.

The aim of the seminars is to recognise and challenge one’s own assessment processes and values, awareness of one’s own cultural conditioning and the acquisition of knowledge about different cultural standards. Participants receive information about typical customs, ways of thinking, norms and values and historical and cultural roots of Germany or the foreign target country.

The resulting cross-cultural competence is the breeding ground on which to develop appreciation of other values and norms. By learning about the cultural rules of another country, the participants are not only specifically prepared for staying, living and working/studying in the new country but also forming relationships successfully.

This preparation has the advantage that the energy-sapping orientation phase can therefore quickly be surpassed and the expatriates quickly gain a foothold in their social environment.


Methods: I work with a proven combination of knowledge and learning experiences. Besides theoretical input and reflective talks, for example culture explorations, role plays and small group discussions will be used. The seminar participants will learn cross-cultural differences and intercultural expertise with all their senses. This ensures successful learning.

Duration: The topic »Intercultural Competence« can be covered in block of two or more day-seminars or distributed over several units. The duration depends on the emphasis desired by the client, but should not be less than two days. In alignment to the seminars and as a standalone offer, individual and group coaching is available, in which questions can be dealt with. Either occasional coaching sessions or a continuous, accompanying coaching process can be chosen.