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Your Benefit

  • 26 years of professional experience as a freelance graduate translator and interpreter -> extensive technical, terminological and human know-how for your events and texts. » Why Katja Dienemann
  • Selected fields of expertise: medicine, medical market research, psychology, spirituality -> Your language is my language. See Areas of Expertise » Translations, » Interpreting
  • Long-standing clients, top quality, quick turnaround times and strict adherence to delivery dates -> Good, for when you need a translation particularly urgently... » Testimonials
  • Extensive work and private experience abroad-> When taking intercultural coaching or seminars with me, you benefit from intercultural competence in action. » Intercultural Comptetence


Please note: As the interpreting and my work as a coach & trainer ( is absolutely fulfilling professionally, I am now only taking on translations connected to interpreting jobs and in individual cases. Feel free to contact me, if you have a special project in mind.

Do you have questions or a specific project in mind?

Send me an email or give me a call (+49 6220 9228909)!


Are you looking for a professional and experienced interpreter? Please come in...

Specialised Translations

Are you looking for a highly qualified translator? Please come in...

Intercultural Competence

Are you looking for lived intercultural competence? Please come in...


»Sorry, I forgot to tell you - the client last week said her German affiliate commented that the translations were 'the best she had ever seen'.«
»Thank you and well done!«
»So thank you so much, it really does help a great deal when the affiliates are happy - it is really important for our client relations!«
»Thanks for the quick turnaround time!«
»I am very pleased to say that the German affiliates were very happy with the translation and wanted to know if we could share the name of the translator with them?«
»Thank you so much - That's perfect! In terms of the possible mistakes in the English original you highlighted red - you are absolutely right.«
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I'll be there for you!

Katja Dienemann
Tel. +49 6220 9228909
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