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Coaching for Translators and Interpreters - At a Glance

Thanks to my many years as a graduate translator and interpreter, I’m very familiar with the particular challenges of this kind of freelancing and the specifics of the sector.

So I’m happy to support you with my skills as a coach and trainer ( and if required I can also offer consulting services - in German, English or Spanish.



Typical Coaching and Consulting Situations for Translators and Interpreters

1) Successfully setting up a translation or interpreting business

  • Entrepreneurial competence
  • Target group definition

  • Client acquisition

  • Pricing

  • Fee negotiation

  • Marketing strategy

  • Unique selling proposition

  • Specialisation


2) Handling of particular challenges for freelance language mediators

  • Constant availability

  • Quick turnarounds

  • External distractions

  • Time and task management

  • Self-discipline


3) Maintaining client relationships

  • Dealing with »difficult« clients

  • Dealing with clients from different cultural backgrounds

  • Dealing with complaints

  • Client retention


4) Personal development

  • From inner conflict to inner team
  • Strengthening self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Developing helpful beliefs
  • Using inner drivers to your advantage
  • Developing resilience, in other words mental resistance
  • Leaving your comfort zone – and entering the learning zone
  • Becoming visible as a language mediator and as a person
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation


5) Health and quality of life

  • Burnout prevention

  • Healthy self-management

  • Mindfulness

  • Turning off and relaxing


6) Work-life balance

  • Balancing family and career

  • Working from home

  • Travel

  • Maintaining social contacts

  • Peak work periods

  • Taking holidays with a clear conscience



III. Coaching Formats

1) Individual face-to-face coaching

  • At your office


2) Individual remote coaching


3) Coaching webinars for language mediators

You would like to earn a higher fee per line or hour? But you don't manage to raise your fee with your current clients? And, at the same time, you feel like that there is kind of an inner barrier to approach promising new clients?

If  this is true for you, get the video of the coaching webinar (in German) »Welche Auftraggeber bin ich mir wert? Freie Fahrt voraus zum Wunschkunden!« It might be exactly what you are looking for!

Information and purchasing: Online video store of Academia Webinars, 90 min. incl. handout, € 40 incl. German VAT.

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Extensive information on coaching methods, feesphilosophy, testimonials and on my approach »The Art of Living Following Nature’s Example« can be found here: See also my 3-monat intensive coaching and 6-months coaching packages, as well as my 1-year transformational coaching including a coaching retreat in Andalusia with great discounts. The links above take you directly to the relevant pages (in German).

I look forward to supporting you!

I am there for you

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