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Art of Living Coaching for Translators and Interpreters


Dienemann-Coaching - The Slightly Different Approach

We freelancers are particularly affected by the ever-increasing speed of life, as work intensifies and an uncertain economic situation threatens. Out of fear for our livelihoods, we often switch to »survival mode« – with the accompanying effects on mental and emotional balance, on physical health and on relationships.

My Lebenskunst (art of living) coaching and consulting for translators and interpreters aims to provide a counterbalance. As a coach I help you find fulfilment as a translator/interpreter and as a person. As a consultant I support you with expert input on specific questions relating to your activity as a language mediator. In this way, you gain both the personal AND the professional skills necessary for a successful and fulfilling freelance career.

Lebenskunst-Coaching – What's That?

In my individual Lebenskunst coaching sessions I provide individual support for the very specific challenges in your career or private life. Drawing on intuition and method, sometimes chatting, sometimes in silence, sometimes with humour, sometimes provocative – and always with empathy, respect and an eye for your social environment.

At Dienemann Lebenskunst Coaching we start from the assumption that you are basically »perfect«. It's not about getting rid of weaknesses or balancing out deficits in order to live a successful and fulfilled life. Our aim is rather to consider all the layers that we have accumulated during our lives (for example limiting beliefs, unhealthy habits and behavioural patterns), to pare them away bit by bit and to live in a manner true to our core being – full of strength, joy, (self-)love and good health. As I like to say:  »Freelancers also have a right to the art of living!«

Holistically Healthy with Lebenskunst Coaching

An important pillar of Lebenskunst coaching is your physical, mental and emotional health. Therefore, topics such as healthy self-management, mindfulness, allowing yourself appropriate breaks, concentration training are also often part of a career coaching session. In this context, coaching in and with nature has proven to be particularly powerful and effective. It’s fascinating to see how much nature can support the processing of important topics. Your mind is free, everyday restrictions are far away, and innovative thinking comes more easily. What’s more, numerous scientific studies have shown that people are more attentive, more creative and in a better mood outside in nature than when they’re in a closed room – the best starting conditions for overcoming even those larger challenges. At the same time, getting exercise in green spaces is a way of actively improving your health.The great thing about Lebenskunst nature coaching: We specifically draw on nature as a model, an advisor and a source of inspiration. Dialogues with »silent witnesses«, symbolic creations using natural materials, and rituals are just a few of my nature coaching methods that will help you to make progress.


Extensive information on coaching methods, feesphilosophy, testimonials and on my approach »The Art of Living Following Nature’s Example« can be found here: See also my 3-monat intensive coaching and 6-months coaching packages, as well as my 1-year transformational coaching including a coaching retreat in Andalusia with great discounts. The links above take you directly to the relevant pages (in German).

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